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Diverter Valve

Diverter Valves are suitable for use in pneumatic conveying lines for handling any type of material in powdery or granular form. Through activation of the actuator direction of the material flow is changed. Diverter Valves guarantee minimum pressure loss and contamination-free, pressure-proof operation.

  • MOC : Cast aluminium with stainless steel pipe insert
  • SIZE : 50NB / 65NB / 80NB / 100NB / 125NB / 150NB / 200NB
  • Double channel & Single channel diverter in cylindrical design
  • Temperature of operation : -20°C up to 100°C
  • Pressure Range up to 4 bar depending on the size
  • Drive : Pneumatic actuator / Pneumatic cylinder
  • Suitable for distribution and collection in pneumatic conveying systems and in gravity pipes

Gravity Diverter Valves are used to redirect material flow in a gravity stream where there is no pressure differential between the inlet or the discharge leg(s) of the valve.It is designed to divert material to one of two destinations while in a gravity fall. These are designed to handle the gravity feed of dry powders, pellets, granules, or any other free flowing product. Valve is dust tight inside to outside. Flap-gate minimizes leakage between system legs. Contact factory representative for pressure and temperature limitations.

  • Fabricated in Stainless Steel & Mild Steel
  • SIZE : 150NB to 500NB
  • Angle Degree : 45 / 60 / 90 degree
  • 2 way & 3 way models are available with square or round flange
  • Drive : Pneumatic actuator / Pneumatic cylinder

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