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Flex Silo

Flex-Silos provide maximum use of available space, have a very long durability and are above all flexible and versatile. Today, flexible A.B.S. Silos are in demand everywhere plastics have to be stored quickly, efficiently and safely with optimum value for money. Construction and equipment are precisely adapted to the special requirements of the respective plastic storage material, e.g. concerning outlet diameter, cone bevel or geometry.

At ABS, we pride ourselves on producing a variety of silo variants that provide our customers with endless storage options for their bulk materials. For over 36 years, ABS has been at the forefront of the international flexible silo market. We have achieved that because our silos are made of high-strength Dura fiber yarns . From these extremely strong and durable yarns we manufacture your silos with decades of service life. This allows you to plan reliably for the future.

  • The fabrics used are selected exactly according to the requirements of your bulk material: For example, coated and uncoated materials as well as food-approved and electrostatic dissipative versions are available
  • The strength values are comparable to those of metal silos
  • Sevenfold safety on suture and tissue
  • Optimal leakage properties
  • Completely empty
  • Very easy to clean
  • Also mountable in hard to reach places
  • Enable optimal space utilization
  • Available in square or rectangular shape
  • Very long life
  • Free choice of shut-off and emptying organs
  • For bulk goods that are difficult to run out, the Flex silos can also be equipped with proven ABS discharge aids

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